Coming from modding the game "Lord of the Rings -Battle for Middle Earth II" in my teenage years, I decided to make my passion and hobby my professional career. I started a study at the SAE Institute in Stuttgart back then, learning 3D Art and Animation. After some time in Freelancing, 2016, I got employed by ICAROS in Munich first as a traditional 3D Artist. Quickly I discovered the gains of using code in my work and developed my skill set more and more into the direction of Technical Art. End of 2019, starting with the Corona pandemic, I enlarged my horizon to Houdini, mainly for procedural generation and Terrains. 2021 This brought me to Klang Games as a Technical Artist, enjoying new challenges. Writing Tools with Python standalone, in Maya or Houdini; Tooling in C# for Unity; Vex in Houdini; Shaders in HLSL for Unity; In all those Areas, code helps me achieve my goals. 

Over my career as a Technical Artist, though, I learned that communication stands above all. Being a bridge that helps both technical people and artists, taking responsibility and workload from both sides is what makes a good Technical Artist.